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2009 seed and plant selection

December 29, 2008

This is a page that will be updated as I go along. I am currently in the process of examining my existing seed and ordering new seed. I’ll organize the selections by where they are coming from rather than just alphabetically by variety. BTW … I am doing this so I can block and copy the selections from the web ordering process, put them in a text editor (NOT MS WORD!), clean them up and then paste them into this post. We’ll see how well it works. AhHa … works well as you can see below.

From Baker Creek Seeds

BT110      – Beet Detroit Dark Red
BT114     – Beet Crapaudine (new for me … old and very dark, almost black)
CR114     – Carrot Amarillo (new for me … spring carrots will all be non-orange)
CR119     – Carrot Snow White (ditto above)
CU111     – Cucumber Japanese Long (new for me … used to do an English “burpless”. Will trellis for straight fruit)
EG129     – Eggplant Pandora Striped Rose (new for me but a subtle change from usual “oriental” eggplants)
LK105     – Leek Bleu of Solaise (new for me but supposedly very winter hardy)
LT103     – Lettuce Speckled (One of my standard bib-types. Gorgeous when fully developed as a head)
LT126     – Lettuce Dark Lollo Rossa (I always do a Lollo Rossa and this is just darker)
OK120     – Okra Bowling Red (new for me … have usually done green)
PP102     – Sweet Pepper Quadrato d’Asti Rosso (new for me I think .. may have bought plants. Yellow to red)
PP119     – Sweet Pepper Red Cheese Pepper (had a variation on this .. block shaped pimento type)
PP128     – Sweet Pepper Red Belgian (New for me)
PR101     – Parsnip Hollow Crown – standard
SP101     – Spinach Bloomsdale Long Standing – standard
SQ112     -Winter Squash  Butternut – Waltham – I’m new to winter squash because of space
SQ126     – Winter Squash (acorn) Table Queen – ditto

From Territorial Seed Co.

CR273 – Red Samurai Carrots
CR275 – Rodelika Carrots (Very orange Fall storage carrots)
CR280 – Purple Haze Carrots
KL358 – Winterbor Kale (the BEST)
KL363 – Nero Di Toscana Kale (try it as an ornamental but protect it from cabbage whites)
MS504 – Rhodos Endive (a frisee)
MU519 – Golden Streaks Mustard (new for me … as an edible garden ornimental)
MU523 – Ruby Streaks Mustard (ditto)
OV573 – China Express Chinese Cabbage (old favorite … for me and 1000 other flying,crawling bugs)
PE625 – Oregon Giant Snow Peas (old favorite)

From Botanical Interests

Lettuce Romaine Cimmaron Seed (my #1 favorite Cos type)
Bean Bush Tavera (French Filet) Organic Seed (new favorite bush bean from last year)
Bean Bush Pencil Pod Yellow     (new to try)
Radish French Breakfast  (old favorite)

From Seeds from Italy

Arugula, Ortolani (new improved domestic arugula)

Fillet Bean, Koala (new for me … concentrating on bush beans this year)

Fava Bean, Super Aguadulce, (for eating, too $$ as cover crop)

Savoy Cabbage, Verza Pasqualino (new variety for me)

Broccoli of Calabria (both heads and side shoots)

Radicchio di Chioggia (classic red radicchio)

Fennel Montovano (large bulbs)

Tomato, Red Pear (pear shaped beefsteak type … gets raves, new for me)