My wife and I have been gardening for nearly 40 years. Marilyn does flowers and herbs and she is a veritable Hortus when it comes to perennials, shrubs and NE wildflowers.  I concentrate on vegetables.  We do a lot of things that can be described as self-sufficiency with respect to food and work around the house. We are in our second historic house and, while some things still get me frustrated (sorry Marilyn), we do most of our own work around the house. We cook, garden, walk, hike, bike,read, travel and keep a few cats as well as a terrific Border Terrier who keeps the cats alert. Most of what we know, we attribute to reading and trial and error. I bake pretty good artisan breads and Marilyn is the best jam, jelly, preserves and conserves maker I know.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Vesta Says:

    Wow! We do have so much in common, although you have about 30 years on us in marriage. If you were any closer, we’d invite you for pizza from the brick oven with toppings from our organic garden and perhaps even homemade cheese, if I can move beyond chevre, lol. Very nice to “meet” you.

    I’ve only gardened in more temperate climates than yours. Well, I consider zone 9 (further south in TX) temperate, although you might consider it pretty harsh. We’re currently in zone 7b/8, and I’ve gardened in the PNW. I have no idea how to deal with harsh winters. I fear neither I nor my plants would fare well.

    We’ve just ventured into preserves, so I may hit your wife up for a recipe or two this summer!

  2. Maureen Farmer Says:


    I am a master gardener and my profession is programmer/project manager. This spring, I taught myself the PHP programming language to improve my professional skill set. To practice, I created The Farmer’s Garden website. The site, http://www.thefarmersgarden.com is a place where people can post free classifieds to sell, trade or give away their surplus backyard garden produce.

    I launched my site in May 2009 and it is nationwide. I think it is a great resource for members of your community. It is very easy to grow more produce than you and your family can use. Why not share your local, fresh and delicious vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. with others?

    Registration is free and required to post classifieds to buy, sell or trade surplus produce. Individuals and non-profit organizations can also post wanted classifieds. Registration is not required to search the classifieds. Can you please provide a link to my site, http://www.thefarmersgarden.com on your site?

    Thank you,
    Maureen Farmer
    The Farmer’s Garden

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