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The absolute last of last year’s garden

April 1, 2010

Here it is April 1 (with no joke intended) and we just harvested the very last of last year’s garden. As you can imagine the last things were parsnips (humongous ones … 4″ at the shoulders and 16″ long, when I was able to get them out with out snapping them off in the middle of the root. Tugging parsnips out of the ground without heavy equipment may be the death of me. They taste great … really sweet. Deep fry them with a dusting of salt and hot curry powder and then eat them splashed with malt vinegar.

The other thing that I cleared out was kale … the remaining young centers. Sooooo good. Best kale ever. Hardly needs to be cooked. Stir fry a bit with olive oil, onions and a hot Thai pepper or two.