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Spring 2010 activity

March 19, 2010

I have just finished performing my St Pat’s day duties. On the 17th of March I planted some taters and some peas. The potatoes were from last year’s garden and had sprouts about 6 inches long. I did them in a small trench. These are going to be a small planting for eating as fresh potatoes. I’ll do my keepers a bit later with certified seed. My peas were actually snow peas … Oregon Giants. I stopped doing real peas when i discovered that frozen peas from the store are quite good for almost any purpose and for the one or two times that I want fresh, I can do a local farm stand.

Over the next two days of lovely ground-warming weather, I put in a 4′ X 8′ bed of favas (Superaguadulce from Seeds from Italy), a couple of rows of radish (French Breakfast, OP), a broad swath of arugula (sel Ortalani – Franchi from Seeds from Italy) , one row of golden mustard (Territorial), three rows of beets (Detroit, OP) and three rows of colored carrots (Territorial).

This weekend I am planting out yellow, cooking onion plants that I started from seed, in my other garden.