Beginning of Winter

Work is what you get paid for that keeps you from doing things like writing in your blog … that and being a good husband and getting to what your wife asks you to get to … like rehab’ing the old house that she wants to move into some day. I am, as you can tell, apologizing for not having posted since October.

Actually … not much has changed in the garden since then, which is another reason for not posting. We have had a terrific Fall here in NE Ohio (or not depending on how you feel about global climate change making our Falls milder). We have been eating out of the garden right along. We had our last lettuces a few weeks ago but that was just because we ate them all. I still have lots of endive, escarole, spinach (getting eaten up ), mustards, methi, and radicchio (tons). Then, of course, we have the cabbage family plants. Broccoli is getting eaten up and the cauliflowers never headed for some reason, brussels sprouts (with loose heads as others around me have reported this year) and tons of kale and collards. I also have about 6 small napas left even after making tons of kimchi. By the way, tons translates into many pounds in my hyperbolic writing style. It also means enough to last the two of us quite a while.

We haven’t started eating the parsnips, the fennel nor most of the winter carrots. Garlic is in for next year.

The big issue for me is getting the garden thinned out so I can fertilize for next year.

I’ll see if I can get a few picts in over the weekend … in and around making some holiday pandoro.


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