Trellis Tomato

sweet mill trellisEach year I do one ‘cherry” type tomato plant on an 8′ trellis that is attached to the railing of our small deck. It gets sun most of the day after it gets to be about 18″ tall. Until then it struggles since the deck itself shades it out most of the day. My goal has always been to get this plant up to the 8’ mark by Labor Day. Each year I do something close to a Sweet 100. This year I did a Sweet Million (don’t blame me, I don’t name them). It turned out to be one of the very best I have ever grown.

sweet millionsAs you can see from the pictures it has huge tomato panicles with 30-40 fruits per panicle which ripen over a very long period. In addition, the fruit are terrific … sweet but fleshy. Unlike most cherry types, they are slow to split after rains.

I plant these in a LOT of compost and, since they are right near the deck, they get regular waterings. I built the Trellis out of wood used for lattice and just keep it painted each spring with a quick coating of white primer. I attach the trellis to the deck with velcro garden tape … the inside of the tape velcro-sticks to the outside.

BTW … this particular tomato is exceptionally good for a classic Italian roasted cherry tomato pasta sauce.


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