Lousy Spring

What a disappointing Spring this has been here in NE Ohio. Now “disappointing” is not “disastrous” but it is certainly well below normal. I have had some really nice heads of lettuce and frisee but everything else has struggled. I just pulled up our second planting of spinach when it started to bolt prematurely. I also pulled out my spring crop of radicchio when it started to bolt. Beets are just sitting at 3″; aurgula bolted after the first cutting and new lettuce is growing very slowly. It has been one of the most inconsistent Springs in recent memory.

We had lots of rain early and then we have had about a month of almost no rain to speak of. The ground is bone dry. We had hot followed by cold followed by hot and then followed by a few days of near, or light, frost. As you know, spring crops like consistency and this Spring has been anything but consistent. My big concern now is my crop of favas. They are flowering now but they like cool and wet … and we have warm and dry.

The Summer crops are OK but even they want rain. Have you ever noticed that you can water all you want but it is never the same positive effect as a good soaking rain. We have had serious rain in the forecast for the past several days now but no significant rain yet. The forecast for the next two days is for rain but I am getting cynical.

Imagine if we actually HAD to rely on the garden for most of our food.


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