Close but no damage

The weather here in NE Ohio was unexpected. Some strong low pressure centers in the south pulled some very cold air down from the far north. The cool temps were good for the “spring” crops that don’t like heat but not so good for the developing summer crops. I had all of my peppers and tomatoes in the garden, even the spicy hot peppers that really don’t like temps much below 50 at night. Sunday (5/17) and Monday night threatened frost. So, out came the floating row cover. We didn’t have a frost but it came very close … 34 or 35F. While it didn’t kill plants it will certainly set the peppers and the tomatoes that are not in Walls-o-Water back a bit. It will take some hot, rainy weather to get them back to normal early summer growing. Long-term forecasts are for much more seasonable weather. BTW … such unseasonable cool temps ARE an indicator of global warming since they are the result a much more active (warm) atmosphere globally.


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