A new pest (for me)

I have a very long bed along the fence that runs the length of my property.  It is usually very productive and, since it is on the north side of my property, I like to grow things along it that would otherwise shade out neighboring plants.  So yesterday I was getting a section of it ready for indeterminate tomatoes … like Brandywines … that really like to grow tall. That’s when I noticed that the bed was getting invaded by Jerusalem Artichokes. I must have dug out about 2 lbs. of ‘chokes from a 2′ by 3’ area.  But, it is the ‘chokes that I missed that worry me.  I’ll have to keep the bed really well weeded but they will always be there lurking and waiting. I wish I had a pig to root them out.

So … ‘chokes for dinner?


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