Garden update 3-30

I finally got all of my cool plants out of the basement and into the garden. So all of the red onions,  lettuce, endive, mustard, broccoli and radicchio are now out in the garden and under floating row cover. Even though the evening temps have been in the mid-twenties, the plants are happy with their light blankets. Temps are supposed to warm up but the row cover will moderate the swings.

I also planted my parsnips this weekend.  One cannot give them too long to grow here in zone 5. They won’t bolt to seed in a single season (a problem in warmer climates) and will just develop enoumous roots. The only problem is that I have to plant them on the northern edge of the garden because their tops get so big they will flop over or shade out nearby beds.

I am waiting for the emergence of beets, carrots, snow peas, fava beans and fennel. I did a few seeds of chard under some glass jars and they have sprouted.

Back in the basement, since the cool weather crops are in the garden, I was now able to put a small heater under my grow-light shelves and the peppers and tomatoes are responding positively to the new high 60’s rather than the old 55.  I am thinking about putting some tomatoes out in the garden in walls of water.


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