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First Gardening Activity of 2009

January 25, 2009

Outside it is 17F and snowing with about 18 inches of dirty snow and ice on the ground. It’s time to plant, no? Well, inside.

I have a set up in my basement for starting and growing seedlings. I use my home-made baking proof-box to start seeds at a range of about 70-85 degrees. As soon as they are up I transfer the flats to my rack of shelves with timed fluorescent lights.
Today I started my red onions. I am growing Red Zeppelin, a hybrid from Stokes. Stokes, by the way, have the best selection of hybrid onion seeds going. I like hybrid onions for two reasons The first is that you can get good long-day seeds (will mature without wintering-over unlike Granex types). And, hybrids are selected for good keeping qualities. The Red Zeppelins keep fantastically well. I have a braid hanging in my pantry (moderate but not direct light and 45’ish degrees) and they are still solid as a rock from a harvest in September of ’08.
I am starting them now because they do best with maximum top growth before June when they start to shift to bulb production. So the bigger the transplants, in general, the greater the top growth and the bigger the bulbs.
I am a fan, by the way, of ProMix BX for starting.