Winterbore Kale

Just a quick note on my planting of Winterbore Kale … which in a recent post I noted had been munched-on fairly heavily by the deer.  I did say that the tender new growth was left by the deer.  Well, since that “deer” post, temps here in NE Ohio went down to 3F with a wind chill much below zero.  I thought that the kale and collards were done for … they had to have freeze burn. WRONG!  We had kale for dinner last night and it was terrific.  Winterbore is “the best” … takes a lick’n and keeps on tick’n. Now we have to check out the collards that are still out there … 3 degrees is a wee bit cold for any form of collards.  I also left a head of savoy cabbage in the garden and it is probably done for.


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