Winter Squash

We don’t grow winter squash (yet … might have room in the new garden that is planned for the Oberlin house). But we are big eaters of winter squash grown locally and usually bought at our local apple orchard … for us historically acorn and usually roasted in North African or Middle Eastern styles. We also like pumpkin done the same way.  We got to wondering recently why we choose to eat acorn and what the difference was in the taste of winter squashes. So we bought a small butternut, already had an acorn and had a small pumpkin. We roasted all three blind … nothing on them. Then we tried them and the difference was significant. The butternut had the mildest flavor (too mild?) but the smoothest consistency. The acorn had the best flavor but was stringier than the butternut. The pumpkin was strong flavored and a bit stringy. All, of course were better with some added fat and all were even better with the combination of a sweetener (sugar, honey, etc.) and some form of acidic hot sauce … sweet-sour-hot. I want to expand my trials to other varieties now that I have some baselines … except for spaghetti squash which I deplore as a stringy, tasteless mass and I say this while admitting that I usually eat anything.


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