More on Radicchio and chicories

It got a bit chilly here in NE Ohio but before the really cold weather hit I was able to move some of the radicchios and chicories into the house. I had two major types: Traviso radicchio and Belgian Endive. The Belgian Endive was clobbered by our potatoes. I only got two plants to make it to survival. The others were shaded out by constantly flopping over potato plants. The Travisos did well.

I dug the roots out and clipped off the leaves to about one inch of the crown. Then I packed them in sand in a plastic bin. The roots get buried  up to the crown. Then the whole thing gets moved to the cellar (50’ish degrees F) and covered with a lid to keep out the light. Here is the bin before it was moved to the cellar.

Travisos are the red ones

Travisos are the red ones

The forced growth from the plants are what you find in the stores … cream and green for the Belgian Endive and red and white for the radicchios. They will be ready in about six weeks but will cut and come again after the first head is cut until the root poops out.

The plants as they were in the garden also had some very nice inner leaves that I saved. They are not so bitter as the tough outer leaves.

Tender inner leaves

Tender inner leaves

We had these for dinner the evening they were picked … roasted in the oven with lots of olive oil and finished with some good balsamic.  I’ll post an update when the forced heads are ready.


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