The Frostman commeth

October 18-19, 2008 was the occasion for our first Fall frost … no maybe’s here. It went down to 30 and the frost was heavy. Another 30 degree night followed that one and so we are now definitely into the Fall garden. I got a paper shopping bag of jalapenos out, a similar bag of sweet peppers and about a dozen of the remaining heirloom tomatoes before the frost hit. I put floating row cover over the more tender greens (escarole, frizee endive, and a few lettuces) and they are fine for a few weeks. The brassicas are lov’n it … especially the kale and collards.

We were out in the forest yesterday and it was truly Fall … the frost dislodged the leaves from the maples, ashes, and other non-oak trees and we walked in a constant leaf-fall. It was very sunny so the effect was spectacular.

This is the time of the year when my compost goes crazy … lots of green stuff to chop up with lots of dry leaves to balance green and dry.


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