Overdue update

I’ve been busy doing non-garden things and I thought that it might be time for a brief update.  Two Saturday’s ago I did a minor clean-up in the garden. I took out all my Roma tomatoes and saved about a peck for ripening in the garage. Those have been turned into some sauce and paste by roasting them in the oven when I have had it on for other reasons. All in all I got some great production out of the Romas although as I said earlier, next year I will go back to Speckled Romans which are much better.

I also took out all of my heirloom tomatoes except for two plants, one Brandywine and one Romanesco, both of which I pruned back severely to just the fruits that have a chance to ripen.  Just after I did that we skirted with a frost that was not predicted.  It was OK … we got down to 36 or so but no frost. The peppers continue to be incredibly productive as do the eggplant, although the eggplant are not filling out as they once did. That same Saturday, I had the charcoal grill fired up so I roasted about 8 nice eggplants, put them in a colander to drain and then froze them.  We will drag them out later for Indian eggplant where structure is not an issue.

The pole beans were pruned back a few weeks ago to see if I could get a new flush of growth in the early Fall. I have had some luck with this before but this Fall is kinda dry so I am only getting a few here and there.

We harvested some great broccoli from the new (Fall) plants. Fall Broccoli tastes much better than the stuff that is ready in the Summer.

Most of my time has been spent keeping the brassicas sprayed with rotenone. I have terrific collards, kale, Tuscan kale, and savoy cabbage and I don’t need to share them with the cabbage whites. They have long ago outgrown the floating row cover although the cover gave them a terrific start.

Late arugula is going great as is my (to be) overwintered spinach. The rabbit (my version of !That One! ) got my fall snow peas.

Thus far a great Fall.



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