This will have to be a pictureless post for obvious reasons.

I had about 6 really great Napa in the garden, just waiting to be made into a big batch of Kimchi. Each of them was in the 4-5 lb range. Then, all of a sudden they started to collapse. This Saturday I picked them and I was dumbstruck. Each, save one, was completely destroyed by a wide array of insects … slugs, catepilars, ants-aphids, and on and on. Most of these were ground-up insects, not flying ones. I had little warning they were there. What I do  not know, since one head came through unscaithed, is whether I held them in the garden too long … too much rot of old first leaves drawing scavenging insects. I suspect so.

The one head I did harvest (a whopping 7 pounder), as well as a few inner cores from a few others, gave me enough for some kimchi.  Last year my heads were eaten out by, ready for this, corn borers. Tough crop to grow since everything loves to eat it.


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