After Ike

Northeast Ohio was not spared damage from Hurricane Ike.  It came roaring through our area on Sunday night (9/14/08) and brought with it a significant amount of destruction. We had sustained winds in the 40mph range and gusts close to 70mph. That was sufficient to do a significant amount of damage, especially when you consider that most of the plants, especially trees, were still in full leaf. It is also worth noting that the two days preceding this saw us get about 1.75 inches of rainfall so the ground was very wet. This is an area where the silver maple likes to grow and the silver maple is a tree that just loves to break apart in strong winds. We had a lot of trees down, a lot of branches off and that created a good bit of associated damage. Power was out for most people and for many it was a few days … not Galveston type outage but significant for us. We lost a chunk of fence to a large limb of our neighbors tree but that is a day’s repair as soon as I get all of the parts I need (it’s a vinyl fence).

The garden had some damage. We lost our pole beans when the trellis snapped. So, no late summer, early fall crop. We also lost a lot of pepper plants and branches, peppers being extremely brittle. I was upset that a particularly large and productive Thai Hot plant just snapped off at the base just as its peppers were just beginning to mature.  Most of my fall cauliflower and broccoli plants were pushed over but they seem to still be rooted into the ground.

Experiences like these may you realize how vulnerable people were when most people grew most of their own year’s food.


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