Ever since I started gardening about 40 years ago (jeeze that dates me) I have always had a great appreciation for rain. Not the “when is it ever going to stop?” kind of Spring rain but the blessed relief kind of late summer, early Fall rain. As we get into more global warming and as water becomes a more valuable commodity I have an even greater appreciation for it.

Many years ago, we lived in the country in an old farmhouse with a dug well. Around the end of July we were reliably in water trouble. We put in a cistern and were able to purchase water for the house but at “trucked-in” rates one did not water the garden with cistern water. The only solution was to haul garden water in the back of my pick-up stored in many plastic garbage cans and taken from a local pond or someone’s spring-fed stock cistern.

Now I garden with city water (I have a small old dug well but it dies quickly when the water table falls below 6 feet or so) and I am aware of the downfalls of watering with city water … it is expensive and it is treated.  The expense is obvious. The treated part is that repeated waterings with city water adds more chlorine to the soil than I want to add. That’s why rain is so important.

It rained yesterday and continues today. A long steady shower that will not run off rather will perk down far and give the garden a good sustaining drink that will last for several days …. longer if the temps stay as cool as they are now. It is also free.  Further down you will see a recent post about both wintered over spinach and our current crop of greens … both of which will greatly benefit by the rain. Hey! Maybe I will throw in a row of radishes.

(update 9/4/08) The spinach came up beautifully with just an extra water or two from the hose. I also started a row of late arugula and a row of Rosso lettuce.


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