Over-wintered spinach

Now is the time to plant spinach for over-wintering.  Since September is one of our drier months, I’ll make sure to water the seed rows frequently to ensure germination. Once it is well up, I’ll cover it with screen or floating row cover to keep the critters from messing with it (especially the rabbit that my dog and cats have yet to dispatch).  It should be getting some egg sized leaves by mid-October and then it will really slow down its growth.  Around the endof November or the beginning of December, I’ll mulch it with chopped leaves and let it go for the winter.  If all goes well, I’ll uncover it in late March and it will be my first real crop next Spring. One more thing … I often get poor germination with Fall Spinach and have to try to move it to fill in rows and get good spacing between plants.  Spinach is a tap-root plant and should never be moved.  But … it turns out that late fall, if it is wet and moderate in temperature, is a terrific time to move Spinach.  It is not stressed by the heat, it is in a growing stasis, and it will have all winter to reconnect its roots to the soil.


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