Thoughts on Sweet Corn

It is late July here in NE Ohio and that means the first crop of sweet corn. I don’t grow it since it would take up too much room in my small’ish raised bed garden and,as we all know, corn likes to grow and be pollinated in goodly sized blocks. So, off I went to two of our local market garden farms to buy my first sweet corn of the season … and it was awful. I don’t know about most people but I loath the new supersweet varieties … too damn sweet. Cloyingly sweet. What makes matters worse is that there are no options. Everyone grows it now because it holds so well that they can make one planting last a lot longer in their coolers. And, supersweet corn cannot tolerate cross pollination from other varieties so a given farm ONLY plants one variety. Not only are we forced to either grow our own or eat what we don’t like but we are headed down a path of too little bio-diversity. Let’s go back to open pollinated varieties or, at least, sugar enhanced.


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