Welcome to Advanced Vegetables

I don’t know about you but I keep looking for a site that focuses on vegetable gardeners who want to do more/better vegetable gardening and what I find are many, many great sites for folks who are just getting started and want to know how to plant their first garden. I appreciate the needs of novices and I often try to help out but what I really want to do is to share tips with gardeners who are trying to grow difficult things, to grow them in difficult situations or to deal with tough problems … like how to grow an organic eggplant while keeping flea beetles from decimating the young plants before they get started.

This is the start of such a site.  In the future I will take some time to dress up the site and make it look appealing but that can wait.

For all of you who want to join in, send me a post and I’ll publish it here.

As for me, I currently garden in NE Ohio but have also gardened in CT. I do mostly raised bed gardening, almost exclusively organic, and I  try to extend my growing season at both ends. I mostly start my own plants and I do a lot of succession planting during the year. While I have nothing against non-vegetable gardening, I like to concentrate on things to eat … might be a guy thing.

Let me hear from you.


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